Learn to appreciate personality differences to become a better

parent, spouse, boss and team player.

When Personalities Clash

Understanding Who God Made You to Be

Self-awareness is the key to relational success, yet it’s seldom talked about. But if we want to reach our true, God-given potential, we must have a clear understanding of the unique personality He’s given us—and that includes knowing our own strengths and weaknesses. In this eBook, you’ll walk through the process of building self-awareness, and you’ll discover how Biblical DISC® can help you build stronger relationships and get better results.

What motivates different personality types ?

People are already motivated. It’s our job to discover what motivates them.



Why Different Doesn't Mean Wrong

Each of us acts the way we do for a variety of reasons. However, even slight differences can become barriers between us.


How different behavioral styles can get along

The more we know about ourselves and others, the better we can navigate our interactions to find positive outcomes.

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