Becoming en effective leader

doesn't just require knowledge...


Leadership resources abound. So why is there such a shortage of good leaders?  Perhaps it’s because the focus has been on skills and tactics rather than transforming the leaders themselves. How about a simpler approach? In this free ebook, you’ll learn what it takes to follow the greatest Leader of all time—Jesus. Learn 6 simple lessons from the One who changed the course of history through His investment in the lives of 12 men. Download your free copy today!

“When you put your security in your intellect, your position, your business contacts and your talent, your are counting on the temporal instead of the eternal.”

Lead Like Jesus

Who Is Your Role Model?

Who do you admire as a leader, and why? You see, who you admire matters a great deal because you will chase the values and behaviors they represent. 

What's Your Real Agenda?


All of us have an agenda. We have agendas at work, agendas at home, agendas when building relationships and friendships. Is your agenda building or destroying others? 

What's LOVE Got to Do With It?

Love doesn't have a place in this cut-throat leadership environment... Or does it? When love fills the heart of the leader, EVERYTHING changes.

Forgiving or Judgmental?

How do you treat others as a leader? Are you a bully? A passive aggressive leader? Do you hold grudges and have a hard tme fogiving a mistake? Or do grace and forgiveness have room in your leadership style? 

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